Who we are The Market Secure and Stable Investment Opportunity

At the very heart of En-vest’s investments, lies a government-backed Feed-in Tariff (FiT). Certainty in investment being a rare commodity,
En-vest’s opportunities benefit from the guarantee of the purchase of the energy their installations produce. This guaranteed purchase scheme runs for a fixed 20 to 25 year period from post grid connection(depending on jurisdiction) and provides an agreement between En-vest and one of the nation’s largest and most secure utility companies. This agreement is supported and in effect, underwritten, by that nation’s government. Therefore on an agreed price (that in some cases rises with inflation), we can accurately forecast the sales income from each of our installations for the full 20 to 25 year period.

This, coupled with long term agreements with our operations and management companies (O&M), our Insurers and all our other service providers and suppliers, allows us to clearly and accurately define levels of return that we can then pass on to our investors. Cost control and predictability are vital and therefore we choose to deal with only the accomplished players in the sector.
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